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Mesus – One Nation Under God Lyrics

Oh we go under dawg

Its one nation under god

Oh we go under dawg 

Oh we go under

Its one nation under god

Flag flying

Oh we go under dawg 

Flat line 

One nation under god

Flag flying  

Oh we go under dawg 


really doesn’t matter how you voted

politicians crooked we all know it 

united states but we don’t know show it 

No we draw lines fighting online 

like your line know your line 

you hate donald trump i hate joe biden 

get more divided 

while our enemy hiding just laughing while we all kill each other 

when the fact is that we really brothers 

land here is still our mother

jesus christ got a sinner’s cover

praying to a father who ought in heaven

give us this day and give us seven

so we thank him for every single breath in 

And praying and we can get a second chance

to appreciate the blessing

Like so sick of the madness white lives black

lives what does it matter 

we lose america and our kids ask why didn’t we

stand while we still had the chance 

Why did we sit back and click on these apps

Dissin  each other about this and about that

instead of uniting so that we could

fight so that they could have the life we have 

this is america this is not

italy this is not africa this is not mexico 

we’re all americans if we don’t

share this then we’ll live a freedom

our children will never know 

Live in the greatest country the world’s ever known

god bless the usa damn right the devil know 

gotta protect it though we can’t

forget it so cause everyone knows this

is one nation under god flag flying oh

we go underdog flat line baby one nation

under god flag flying

Oh we go underdog flat line

i pledge allegiance to the flag of the

united states of america 

and to the republic for which it stands 

Nowadays Causing hysteria up in the classroom

can’t fly flags or hang a few over the bypass 

evident that it’s hard past time

we turn back to god i think about

families lost relations will be chosen

to toss all without counting the cause

set a fire to the bridges we cross

honestly it doesn’t make any sense 

Until they don’t make any sense 

hoping no one will regret the expense 

hating the world’s not way too intense

flag flying or we go underdog flat line

baby one nation under god flag flying or

we go underdog flying

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